Warehouse Management | Stock Maintenance

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Inventory feature

  • Product Groups
  • Product Categories
  • Products
  • Warehouse
  • Advance Price Configuration
  • Price List Management for Products
  • Defining the Raw Material for Finished Goods (BOM)
  • Warehouse Inventory Management
  • Lot Tracking with Manufacturing and Expiry Dates
  • Lot wise Price List
  • Stock Transfer Between Branches with Stock Effect
  • Stock Position Analysis
  • Stock Transaction Registers
  • Profit and Loss Analysis for Lots
  • Barcode Generation for Products
  • Product Related Dash Boards
  • Delivery Challans option for Goods Supply
  • Packing Slip to Pick and Pack Material
  • Tracking of Packing slip
  • Product wise Lots Tracking
  • Direct Convert or Copy option from Stock Transactions to financial
  • Pending Conversions Tracking for Orders and Financials
  • Integration with Accounts