CRM Software for Customer Relationship

CRM helps any business nurture engaging relationships with its customers and clients. However, you also need to manage projects, budgets, resources, and a whole lot more to ensure you meet customer needs on time.

Why Choose Our Cloud-Based CRM Software?

PeppyBooks Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes with features from Omnichannel capabilities to pipeline management, quotation, project management, invoice generation for Orders, all bundled in one package.

Here’s how PeppyBooks CRM makes life easier

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campaign is series of activities designed to build and nurture a customer relationship, managed within a CRM system.


Bring in quality leads, nurture them, and turn them into happy, paying customers by capturing leads through forms and ads.



Get a complete view of all customer data—personal details, all communication you've had with them, and more—all in a single place.


Account management makes it easy for sales reps to close more deals by giving a complete overview of a company's contacts, deals, and tasks in one place.


Great sales management is all about prioritizing, tracking, and monitoring the deals in your pipeline and manage deals across territories and sales structures.


Request for Quote (RFQ) helps document team to prepare quote for products and services with detailed information in request mode from sales team.


Quote represent the proposed prices of your company’s products and services. You create a quote from deal and send mail.


Integrate with google meet and teams Meetings to allow salespeople to invite prospects.


Keep your to-do list and Easily relate every task to records for leads, contacts, deals and other information that you need.

Call Log

Shows which sales reps are making the most phone calls and the results.


To provide information about a record and Other team members can review the details.

Documents Management

Upload your valuable collaterals within your CRM for quick access for teams reference.


When time is money, your calendar is everything and connects all your calendars to one system, so you're ready to say yes when your customers want to meet.


Get detailed insights regarding team efforts on leads, contacts, deals, projects, orders and invoices with events, tasks, call logs and chats.

Client 360 degree view

Customer 360 is an integrated CRM platform that solves this challenge by connecting your departments and customer data. Everyone gets a single, shared view of your customers


Make sure your sales, marketing, and project teams are on the same page and help your sales team make better business decisions.


Manage both simple and complex projects by breaking them down into milestones and assign due dates.

Project Tasks

Assign tasks to users, set work hours, and track them as they are finished and record the time spent on each task with timesheets.

Project Budget

Assess costs on the spot to see if you’re on budget or if you need to adjust. Get profitability insights in real time for each project.

Project Expense, Bills and invoices

assign project to expenses, bills and invoices to track revenue and profit & loss. Get complete cash flow and outstanding details for AR and AP.

Employee Web Check-in and Check-Out

small and enterprise businesses across the globe use web check-in to track and manage employee timesheets. They’re saving time and money by streamlining payroll and billing.

Case Management

system lets a company collect and organize customer service interactions that occur on any channel and deliver great customer service and nothing gets forgotten.

Territory Management

Whether your company organizes sales teams around geography or product lines, territory management can handle any form of customer segmentation.

Project Management Software for Small Businesses

Project management software is an essential tool for managing projects in business

A checklist is a list of tasks that must be completed before moving forward with a project. They help ensure that every task is completed correctly and on schedule.

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We built it from scratch because we wanted something better. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and powerful enough to manage projects of any size.

PeppyBooks ERP

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