CRM Software Features

What is CRM Software ? CRM software (customer relationship management software) is a tool that’s designed to help your organization offer your customers a unique and seamless experience, as well as build better relationships by providing a complete picture of all customer interactions, keeping track of your sales, organizing and prioritizing your opportunities, and facilitating collaboration between various teams.


You can use cloud CRM software to manage and create stunning marketing campaigns for better visibility and increase likely target conversations.


Our CRM solutions help you collect lead demographics and market funnel positions efficiently to help you identify the right leads.


Our CRM software is integrated with a contact data management feature that allows you to manage relationships and interact efficiently with prospects.


Encouraging easy transactions with your clients, CRM acts as a centralized platform for crunching numbers, trend mapping and cost reductions.


From finding the right customer to building long-term relations, CRM solutions can help you increase sales and curate better marketing and sales strategies.


Request for quote (RFQ) further helps you contact potential prospects and get into business with them. CRM helps you identify quality leads for a more efficient RFQ process.


Once you identify quality leads, you can use our cloud CRM software to create, download and send quotations to prospects.


Ready to meet daily sales targets? You can use our CRM software and schedule regular meetings and ensure that everyone is part of the process.


Better client relationships come from better and managed workflow. Our CRM solution allows you to organize your workload, check progress and ensure on-time goal completion.

Call Log

Our CRM platform allows you to record, maintain and organize all call logs with your clients. This gives your team a 360 view of customers and helps understand their needs in a better way.


You can leverage our Chat feature with our multi-integrated CRM solution to identify customer issues and resolve them in time.

Documents Management

Document management can be a challenging task, especially if done manually. Our CRM’s documentation management feature allows you to store all relevant data in one place and access them easily.


Calendar integration can help you view important dates, schedule meetings and stay active from anywhere. It also offers easy call follow-ups.


CRM helps you provide detailed notes on your customer. From their preferences to expectations, you can personalize your campaigns to close on the prospects easily.

Client 360° View

CRM is all about client management. With all relevant information, real-time tracking and calendar integrations, your team gets a 360 view of the client.

Case Management

Perhaps the best thing about CR is it allows you to track customer interactions. This can be of great help and allows the sales and marketing departments to access that information anytime.


With all relevant information present in one place, our CRM software allows your team to understand the client and manage their projects more efficiently.


Setting milestones can be a highly collaborative way to ensure team productivity and on-time goal completion. Peppy Books’ CRM technology allows you to set milestones for your team.

Project Tasks

Efficient project management is the key to customer satisfaction. With everything in a single place, our CRM allows your team to access all critical data easily and collaborate for proper goal completion.

Resource Management

Since most of the tasks, from document management to managing the team’s calendar, are automated, CRM helps you strike off mundane tasks and manage resources.

Project Budget

Because CRM helps with eliminating mundane tasks and automating almost everything, it also enables you to decrease the project budget and meet all goals with the given resources.

Project Expense and Bills Booking

CRM is not always about generating leads. In fact, it also helps you save a lot of money by automating all mundane tasks.

Project Order and Invoice Generation

Generating invoices manually makes you prone to error. And, then, there’s also managing the invoices. With CRM, you can automate everything.